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Profile PictureWhat is a story? “An account of incidents or events,” says the Merriam-Webster dictionary. I disagree. A story is something much more exciting and beautiful than a catalog of happenings; it’s a specific type of narrative that offers readers a particular kind of joy.

A story can hold entire worlds that exist solely within its pages; a story can teach you something about the world you didn’t know before; it can illuminate pieces of yourself you’ve never met.

But stories don’t exist exclusively between the pages of books. History is full of stories. Imagine your life spread out like a quilt, a stitched patchwork of experiences held together by your interpretation of them.  It holds a story too.

Humans are biased toward stories. There’s a reason books and music and movies resonate with you – a circuit board somewhere inside that’s wired to react to good storytelling.  Is this because our culture standardized storytelling like it did the Western tuning system? Or do stories emerge from culture because people possess an innate attraction to moving narratives?

Plotboilers is a place for people who love stories to explore them, discover what makes them resonate with an audience, and gain a better understanding of the art of storytelling.

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Emily Brady