January Update!

Ah, January. It felt like such a long month and yet, it wasn’t quite long enough for me to get my second episode published. I know, I know. Here’s my excuse: I was on vacation. Typically, I read a lot when I travel. This time, I expected to spend my Norwegian getaway in a cabin covered with a blanket of snow, sipping coffee and wine, reading the next few books I want to review for you all.

In reality, I did sip wine in a cabin. And the snow was magical. However, I didn’t get around to reading the aforementioned books. Sad face! All that to say, I’m putting off today’s episode until early next month to avoid recording lame content about books I’m not as excited to review while in a jet-lagged stupor. Until then, feel free to check out some of my older episodes and blog posts! You can find them here or on iTunes.

PS – If you recently rated Plotboilers on iTunes or left a review or did both of those things – Thank you a million times over!  


  1. I always bring books with me on vacation, and almost never read them. The one exception is “Lord of the Flies” whenever I go to the beach. For some reason, that one always gets read. It’s something of a tradition now, I suppose.


  2. I have a very polarized experience with reading on vacations….
    sometimes I read like 1,000 pages and other times I just don’t get started. I have yet to find the trigger for this….


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